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      Coverage of agricultural business through social media is not a new concept, but it is not firmly integrated into the promotion of such businesses. The advertisement campaigns allowed us to spread awareness about ERIDON and get the desired results. For February, the account engagement was 54 960 users, while the number of subscribers increased by 525 users.

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we do

Web-development команда Nowedo работает в следующих направлениях:

  • 01.

    Company account

    If you don’t have an official social media presence, we create a company account and fill it with images, photos, banners, descriptions and contact data.

  • 02.

    Account management

    We support your account’s activity, communicate with users and publish informative posts, updates, news and entertaining content.

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    We attract users to social media page with the help of a social media advertising campaign and persuade them to visit your online store.

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What do our clients say?

From the source

  • Eridon

    Ann Titarenko

    Eridon company has been getting SMM and SEO services from Nowedo since 2018. Just in three month of working with the professionals of that agency, our company’s site traffic has doubled.

  • Startup Analyst

    Valeriy Zabarskiy

    I attended a marketing workshop by Nowedo company and found the delivery amazing. Also, the knowledge told by their specialists was useful. The company’s CEO is a very positive and easygoing person who can keep audience interested.

  • MSD Ukraine

    Ann Gorovaya

    The true professionals! They told about complex marketing directions in a very simple and understandable way.

  • Trinity School

    Oksana Polonskaya

    Thanks for a constructive dialogue and a great sense of humor. An elegant approach is always welcome. Many thankful clients to you, amigo!

  • Time Travel

    Olga Fisoon

    Nick, you are the pro! You explained everything with a great knowledge and made it all easy to comprehend. I’m looking forward to your training. Thanks!

  • Autointer.net

    Dmitriy Glinchenko

    They gave a clear explanation of the issue I faced and got to the very root of the problem.

  • Self-employed

    Arkadiy Bereznyak

    All information delivered beautifully, brilliantly and clearly.)

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