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The first Insta series about strip club life.
We decided to investigate a niche where chaos and monotony reign and created a free case in which we presented the strip club in a completely new light, free of stereotypes.

DISCLAIMER: All of the characters, names, and events in this story are made up in addition to the project itself.

Each of the heroes is a personality. They have their habits and characteristics. Someone lives in the moment, and someone is an exemplary family man. But the common ground is Dom. It is the place where the most vivid memories and emotions occur. Here they quarrel, fall in love, spend time together.

Posts are their notes, where they share the most revealing. Make a promise to keep them as a secret.

Everyone is used to the fact that a strip club is about the greasy heads of hard workers who spend their last salary on girls, jokes about "how much do you cost," and a general lack of taste.

In our minds, a completely different picture has formed.
Initial data:
A project from scratch

Fill the account, make a BIO description, develop a consistent style of the feed
Create Highlights
Change people's perceptions of the striptease industry by presenting it from a different perspective.

Features of the project:
In Ukraine, the striptease niche is presented in a single plane: naked bodies. As a result, a segment of the population is hostile to this activity.
Some of the terms used in this niche aren't allowed to be used.
A naked chest and other female and male body parts are not permitted (and we did not intend to).
The platforms that we worked with:
Strip Dom
in Instagram
What was accomplished:
Created and designed an Instagram page
Developed a logo and corporate identity
The Instagram grid has been developed
Made the first nine posts in the "Meet the Heroes" style
Actively attracting new subscribers by announcing the series on the NOWEDO page
The first season of the Insta-series has been launched
Story polls are held in which the audience can influence the plot
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