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We use the power of social media to solve marketing challenges for big and medium businesses.

Highlighting brands
Implementing ideas
Developing individual communication strategies for social media
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P.S. Now We Do
Showreel of Nowedo SMM-agency
We know what makes Facebook and Instagram tick, so your business plans could work like a clock
We develop:
creative ideas and
•• concepts
unique and cool posts
styles and layouts
additional promo landings and
•• image Tilda websites
all you need to build your brand
•• on social media
Facebook Ad cabinet statistics
Phone with Instagram feed
Example of templates
Facebook icon on phone screen
Girl does SMM in her laptop
ТOP-5 pain points of our clients
John Smith
We need a brand in social media! We want to be unique and original, we want our competition to stay behind and our audience to stay hungry for our new posts.
Julie Snow
Do you provide services for increasing the number of subscribers? I need to increase my engagement levels, I want more likes and comments!
Nick, we need advertising that will make our moms proud of us!
Frederick Johnson
My current service provider just doesn’t get me. I need someone with more initiative and creativity, a professional who can supply me with some real tips. I want to grow, so I’m up for trying new strategies and running tests.
Victor Wu
I’m a very busy person, I can’t spend too much time on SMM. Can you handle the execution completely and make sure I’m proud with the results?
Now We Do
Not only can we do all of this, we also do it with pleasure!

Come on!
Now We Do
If none of those customer pains matches yours, no problem! Just contact us, tell us what troubles you and we’ll find a solution together. If your challenge goes beyond SMM, we’ll connect you with the experts who can help. Either way, you won’t be left hanging.
Fresh works
The writer who wrote this text is a highly superstitious lad, so he believes that using words like “last” and “works” in one sentence is bad karma.
Want more
Milan Art
Promoting the art school in the United States: from the first online courses to full-scale year-long lessons for 700 students.
Turn your world upside down together with ATFBank and see how our communication strategy reimagined banks in social media.
Shaping a social media brand for an international pharmaceutical company.
Can’t have enough partner logos
P.S. No Coca-Cola logo yet
Want some numbers?
Here are some facts from our analyst
Did you know? Put those numbers together, and you’ll get our phone number for free consultations!
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likes and comments
ad campaigns
posts per week
How we build our work
Loving the rules, skipping the bureaucracy
Blueprint: we get acquainted with your company, see if there is a connection. Then we start building a friendly and creative atmosphere as we map our goals and tasks.
Foundation: we gather materials, do analytics, build concepts, and strategies.
Design: we build a layout for your accounts, work on the style and display.
Supporting pillars: we roll out the communication strategy. No campaign can sail without content!
Paint: we implement all steps of our advertisement strategy. Everyone should know about you!
Polishing: we provide monthly reports, make conclusions, and work around the changes. We know how to follow the market’s heartbeat.
Respect: We value our contract, our agreements, and your time. There is a bond between companies and business people and we cherish it.
Our team
We are many. We are different, yet united by a single principle — we don’t believe in a Jack-of-all-trades. We believe in a team, where every expert is assigned to a certain task. That’s why we have:
The pro with the capital “T”. The champion, who will dive deep into the endless ocean of the internet just to find your target audience and make sure it’s your content it will be coming across and interacting with.
Targeting expert
SMM expert
No Superman, but those posts hit like lasers. No Robin Hood, but never fails to aim directly at your potential buyers’ hearts. No Gordon Ramsay, but makes content so delicious it should be Michelin-star.
SMM expert
The visual genius… also billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Will bring your bravest fantasies to life, paint your worlds with the most perfect shades, and illustrate your points. Makes a killer combo with the SMM expert.
If there was a Nobel prize for the WOW-SMM formula, this lad would’ve got it. Keeping a watchful eye on the project’s development dynamic, he is merciless in his honesty. After all, numbers never lie. BTW, the winner formula is (text2+design)’ targeting / (execution+control) “WOOOW = #boom!
Team lead
Has the team covered, letting pros work their magic. Whether it’s keeping teammates motivated and focused on a task or solving sudden bumps on the roadmap, the team lead swoops to the rescue.
Team lead
Don’t like phone talks?
Just drop your request at our messenger
Don’t like people?
Our info hub
Tired of all that reading and learning? We’ll help you put all your knowledge to practice!
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How to gain subscribers in TikTok
tik tok ads
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