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Сottage town in the suburbs of Kyiv, which is located in the very heart of nature
We got a request from a customer. He needed to create a brand for a cottage town in the outskirts of Kyiv,

First of all, we went to the place where the future houses will be, looked through the visualization of the town and talked with the customer. Based on the received information, we started developing the naming. We decided to use wordplay with the village of Protsev, near which the town is. As a result, we focused on the name "PROTSVIT". That is what combined the spirit of modernity and the beauty of nature around the housing complex. In addition, the name has the meaning of prosperity and well-being for potential residents.

The next thing we did was create several concepts for the corporate identity of the brand. Having chosen the most suitable one, we moved on to make a full-packed brand book and website on the Tilda platform.
Source data:
Brand developing from scratch

Preparation for the launch and creation of the cottage town brand from scratch.
Site development.

Project Features:
High competition in the market.
Сonstruction costs range — above average.
The platforms that we worked with:
Results of work
What was done:
  • Developed naming
  • We made several concepts of the brand's corporate identity
  • Designed a full-fledged brand book
  • Developed a website
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