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Nowadays, quite a few people wouldn’t find any brand without a site or a Facebook account suspicious or untrustworthy.

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Nowadays, quite a few people wouldn’t find any brand without a site or a Facebook account suspicious or untrustworthy.

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Why does it happen?

Not enough transparency

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    Modern buyers are used to fast and full access to any information. Whenever users are denied the opportunity to learn more about the brand, they prefer to go for a less secretive competitor.

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    Usually, people think that online promotion equals SEO: intense linkbuilding, keywords promotion, etc. However, our NOWEDO package offers a much more advanced type of online promotion.

There are many ways to promote your business or product online. However, all of them have a common ground which you can use as your platform for strategizing your marketing campaign.

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Your buyers are
looking for you

Your product is constantly being looked up online. So, it’s important to know how well your site corresponds to search engine standards as it defines who your clients will find first: you or your competitors?

It doesn’t matter, whether you are interested in promoting a product online or conquering TOP positions for your brand. The procedure for accomplishing these tasks is the same.


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Keywords optimization
If your current semantic kernel lacks niche-relevant keywords or has only high-frequency ones, your site is non-existent to search engines. We fix the keywords list to help the site rank.
Internal optimization
The internal structure of your site can become the invisible obstacle between your site and TOP search results. We’ll check it for errors, fix the faulty files and headers, etc.
Building link juice
If your site has a year-old domain, search engines won’t give it top positions without relevant references. We’ll show that your site is trustworthy by placing reliable backlinks.
Text optimization
Поисковые системы, как и пользователи, крайне ценят оригинальные тексты и описания. Для нас, создать такой текст и не «задушить» его изобилием ключевых слов — это обязательная часть работ по поисковой оптимизации. Если у вас есть оригинальный текст, мы поможем правильно разместить в нем ключи.

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Search Engine Reputation Management

Five stars are better than two

  • As soon as your brand goes online, it’s in sight. Your product is evaluated, reviewed and used to shape the opinion about your brand. It’s a vital process that affects the online promotion of your company.

  • Because users gladly visit the review websites, the probability of getting a five-star review is as high as the chance to encounter bad feedback in a one-star rated comment.

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While it is impossible to control the reviewers online, you can direct their energy in a way that is useful to you. All you need is a set of the right tools!

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Competitors and market

Direct and observe opinion leaders, their thoughts on your product and the activity of your brand.
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All at once

  • Can one do analytics, site optimization and reputation management on your own? Yes. Can it be done along with company and business management? You have to choose between two tasks.

  • Another option is to order our service package and solve all issues at the same time. Trust analytics and promotion to the pros.

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